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See texts, calls, GPS, Social Media and more! The top phone monitoring solution for parents and employers.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more

  • OTA (over-the-air) link allows remote access

  • Works with all iPhones and iPads

Family and Employee Tracking Software

Start Tracking iPhones or iPads

We have developed the best iPhone monitoring app for parents and employers. Turbo DOES NOT required the device to be jailbroken or for you to have access or possession of the target phone while monitoring. With our app you can retrieve old and deleted data from a target device.

Turbo is the perfect program if you’ve been looking for the best, most trustworthy way to monitor another person’s device. Our cell phone monitoring software is the top option available to today’s consumers. Fast, simple and easy.

Turbo should only be used by parents to monitor their children and employers to monitor their company owned devices. Employers must gain consent before monitoring the company owned devices used by employees.

Remotely Monitor Everything On The Target Cell Phone

Turbo phone monitoring software comes loaded with every feature you will need to monitor any phone. Take a look at the most popular features!

SMS Text Messages

See every text message exactly as it appears on the target phone. EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED!

Call Logs

See every call that has been made on the target phone. Both incoming and outgoing inkling the phone number and date.

Photos and Videos

Every picture and video sent or received will appear in the control panel. You can preview all images and videos on the phone.

SMS Contacts

View all contacts, names, phone numbers, and addresses listed in the target phone.

GPS Location

See where the phone is and has been. GPS will track the phone to within 50ft of the actual location and continously update.

Browser History

You can view the websites visited with web addresses, duration, etc. on your remote dashboard.


You can view every email sent to or received by the target device. You will be able to see the date, time and contact information.

Social Media

See all posts and instant messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more!

More Feartures

View Emails, Snapchat, and Instagram messages. Calendar activities, installed apps, and complete device information.

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Turbo Compatability

Turbo Can Be Installed on Most Apple Devices

Turbo can be installed on all devices that are an iPhone 7 or above. The installation process is quick and easy and can be done without any technical experience. Once installed, login from your own device and start monitoring.

  • Works on all iPhone’s and iPads including; iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, Phone SE, iPhone X and all others
  • No Jailbreak Needed. Keep your phone’s warranty in effect
  • Works with all iOS versions

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

We have made sure that Turbo will help monitor your Apple device. All it takes is to purchase, install, and login to view the device remotely from your own cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Step 1

Purchase The App

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with all your login information and instantly begin the monitoring process.

Step 2

Install The Application

Follow the step-by-step instruction and install the app to the Apple device. Enter the activation key and other necessary information to begin monitoring.

Step 3

Start Monitoring

Start enjoying the many benefits that cell phone monitoring has to offer. Log in to your control panel and view the target device at any time.

Turbo Pricing

Turbo Pricing
is Affordable and Flexible

Turbo has two affordable pricing structures to help you find the right plan with the features you are looking for. You can upgrade your plan at anytime if you find that you need additional features. Take a look at our pricing plans to learn which one will work best for you.


One Time Payment

  • Limited Features
  • Monitor Calls, Texts, GPS
  • iPhone or Android
  • Messaging Apps
  • Keylogger

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One Time Payment

  • All Features
  • Monitor Calls, Texts, GPS
  • iPhone or Android
  • Messaging Apps
  • Keylogger

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